Writers: Their Lives and Works is a book that compiles more than 80 great novelists, poets, and playwrights from the medieval times to the present day. Every 2 to 5 pages in this book are dedicated to each writer, explaining about their childhood, life story and what has made them become the wonderful writer that they are today. Filled with portraits of the writers, their work, and the places they use to create their writings, I felt like I got to be them while reading about their lives. And it really helped me understood the writers’ works and the way they wrote them even more.
The outstanding part that I love the most about this book is the timeline of each writers’ key works that was featured in their section. I did not know many of the writers who were featured in this book, and I am sure many other readers would not too. These key works really helped me obtained a better understanding of what type of works the writers wrote. and if I wanted to read the best work of the writers mentioned in this book, I would know exactly which one I should go for.
Not only key works and portraits of the writers that are featured in this book, but I also got to see all the artifacts that had some significance in the writers’ life: such as the first edition of the writers’ famous books, campaign buttons that Maya Angelou use for her civil rights work, or the type of Jazz music that Haruki Murakami loves. Through these interesting pieces of evidence, I got to recognize the little variables which made the writers who they were.
Writers: Their Lives and Works covers all types of writers in all nationalities, I got to read the biographies of the famous Japanese writer Matsuo Basho, Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges and Irish writer Samuel Beckett etc. So you can be sure that this book is a well-rounded book that explores the fascinating stories of the writers' lives, their loves, and their works.
If you love reading great literature then this book is a must-have to give you that much-needed background, perspective, and insight into an authors' works.
Come to our store to grab a copy, I am sure you will fell in love with your favorite writers and their stories even more.
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